Elvira Gavrilova is a co-owner and CEO EU of the «Amillidius» international advertising company, business expert, marketer, and PR technologist, co-owner and chief editor of the «Financoff» business gloss, owner of the clothing brand, producer and public figure, founder of the «Help» charity project, as well as «Charity Calendar», and charity online auction.

«Thank you for visiting my site. Before you plunge into the necessary section for you, I want to tell you why I’ve created this site, why it’s important to me, and why I hope, it will become important to you.
The desire to share with other people the experience that brings us joy and pleasure is inherent in every person. For example, when you try something very tasty, you turn to the person sitting nearby at once, and offer: «Try it!». Or after you watched an incredibly interesting movie, and downloaded it so your friend could watch it as soon as possible. Or when you found out something that just «wings out», something very impressive, and you want to share it right away with everyone around you! This is what my activity means to me. Everything you see on this website is the knowledge that I apply daily: in business, in my personal life. It’s information that inspires me and makes me happy. And, besides, it brings me money.
And I must definitely share this information with you.»