Hello, my name is Elvira Gavrilova.

Thanks for visiting my web-site. Before you dive into the web-site section you need, I’d like to share why I created this web-site, why it was imortant for me, and why it will, hopefully, be important for you.

It is human nature to be willing to share with other people the experience one enjoyed. For instance, when you tried something tasty, you tell the person sitting next to you, “Try it!”. Or when you saw an increadibly exciting movie, you download it immediately so that your friend could watch it as soon as possible. Or when you discovered something overwhelming, fascinating and you can’t wait sharing it with people around! This is what my activity means for me.

Everything you can see on this web-site is the knowledge I apply on a daily basis both in business and private life. This information inspires me and makes me happy. It makes good money, too.

And I must share this information with you no matter what.

Elvira Gavrilova is a producer of top projects

Elvira Gavrilova is a business-woman from Odessa. She is the author and main organizer of the national rating project “Top-100 Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, a fashion designer and the owner of “Elvira Gavrilova” fashion brand as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the business glossy “Financoff”. However, the list of all these titles of this tireless Odessa lady is far from being complete. She proved herself as a professional in many areas – from financial consulting to charity, and every time she achieves impressive results. How she manages to do that and what her life journey has been like, read on “My story”.

Elvira Gavrilova is a producer of numerous projects on personal fulfilment and promotion of one’s own brand. “Good people should become famous” is her professional motto. To make this motto true, she works hard and persistently with her customers – the outstanding people, true professionals, entrepreneaurs and social activists. The impression and emotions of some of them as well as the concrete results of the work being done can be found in the section “Reviews”. The collection of the reviews is contributed regularly!

“Project” section enables you to place an application for any Elvira’s project. Please, choose one below:

  • “Education in Great Britain” – the programme of supporting Ukrainian schoolchildren who would like to get a degree at world’s best universities. Dear parents, don’t wait until your child is about to finish high school – start the preparations for entering a college right away! For you, we have developed special familirization programmes and tours as well as established communication with Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) – the international school for students over 15, who would like to earn their degree in Great Britain. The school is located in Cambridge – the center of modern science and classic education!
  • “Personal brand” project – for those who prefer working with a professional in a tet-a-tet format. Become a high-profile and popular person, having an expert coaching on personal promotion. Elvira Gavrilova is sure: your name is the best brand!
  • “MICE-tourism” is A-Z business tourism. If you need to organize a business event of any format – abroad, or, on the countrary, to welcome overseas partners in Ukraine -you know whom to call.
  • Charity Calendar is an anual event for those who want to donate money “not just for charity” but rather take an active part in doing a good thing and, concurrently, to spend time having fun and making use of it. Every year has its own topic for photos, and every year we present a magnificnet Charity Calendar. This is a great present to your business partners, friends, and associates, with all the money earned from the sales directing to protection of childhood in Ukraine! (Learn about specific addressees).
  • “Top-100 of Mainstays of Economy of Ukraine” – apply so that your company got to the rating of the best! The winners will be known to the entire country!
  • “Top-100 Pride and beauty of Ukraine: Women”. A Ukrainian woman belongs everywhere! We know that our women are not only most beauiful and charming. They can achieve highs in their professional activities. We can prove it by showing the whole country ourselves and our achievements. If you have a remarkable friend or a relative whose story is worth sharing, please, apply on her behalf! Making it to the runoff may become a pleasant surprsing for her!
  • “Top-100 Pride and beauty of Ukraine: Men”. The men their compatriots should be proud of. If you are commited to what you do and you do a real good for the society, people should know about it. Apply on your own behalf or on behalf of those men who you believe deserve being on Top-100.
  • “Top-100 Future of Ukraine: Children”. This one is for you, dear parents! Are your children great achievers for their age? Are they keen on art, science, or sports? They dream about a big career and they are taking efforts on the path they stepped in? It’s high time to motivate them and show them their efforts produce results! Apply for the rating of children of Ukraine and your son or daughter may get to a top-hundred of young Ukrainians the achievements of which will be known to the enitre country. Don’t miss a chance to make your child famous!

There are so many people willing to get an individual consultation that this cannot be fit within the schedule of one person, so now, Elvira Gavrilova is developing a personal efficiency course where she will present all her practical tips, knowledge, and experience in simple terms. Please, leave your contacts in “Course” section to be the first to find out that the course development is over and you can now buy it at a most appealing price. Besides, this section already has a course on Instagram-promotion, which will enable you to monetize your account fast and easily. Also, a book on parenting will soon be released.

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