10 important marketer’s actions in social networks

10 важных действий маркетолога в социальных сетях

To achieve success in business, you need to be customer-oriented. This common truth is known to all, but how to achieve this same customer focus? What actions need to be done, focusing on a potential client? This is marketing that deals with these, and other important issues.

Unfortunately, in many small, and even large companies with a huge staff, there is one significant “flaw” – people are not interested in increasing sales and reduce the entire sales process to elementary statistics:

  • every 10th to come will show interest;
  • every 10th interested makes a purchase.

If to summarize all the above mentioned, then the quantity is important to everyone, and no one thinks about quality.

But it may be different, or rather – you need to act differently. After all, the growth of potential customers and meeting their needs is the task of every business.

A manufacturing company that does not have a good marketer in its staff spends titanic efforts to “push” its products or services to potential customers, who are not interested in their products. If you act competently and examine customers, their needs and wishes, selling will become much easier, and loyalty to your company will increase significantly.

Therefore, the most important direction for any business is a clear definition of the ideal customer for your product or service and focusing marketing on specific categories of customers.

It would seem, why all the above because the topic of the article is “10 important marketer’s actions in social networks”? The thing is that social networks are an excellent platform for implementing marketing strategies for any type of business.

Search for the perfect customer

In fact, the ideal buyer in social networks is much cheaper and easier to find than through other media resources. And now, let’s see why this is so:

  • the reach to publicly available and rather complete information about the client;
  • sample targeting
  • the attractiveness of the content will expand the audience;
  • the simplicity of company weight estimation;
  • benevolence of search engines;
  • relatively small budgets for experiments.

In social networks, our potential customers voluntarily “leaks” all personal information to marketers: gender, age, location, main interests, etc. This information will become key when launching your advertising campaign.

As a result, as the great Nathan Rothschild once said: “Who owns the information, he owns the world.” As a result, we easily begin to show our advertising campaign to a group of people who are interested in it. This is our target audience. Here is the power of targeting (clear segmentation of the target audience). Need teens 13-16 years old – here you are. Need women from Odessa after 45 – not a question. Need male archaeologists from Mongolia – there is nothing easier.

By clearly delimiting our target audience, we can easily provide them with content that is interesting, useful, and that you can share with like-minded friends.

And the last point will expand our target audience (with the help of our client’s friends), but completely free of charge.

A few words about the company’s weight assessment. Which YouTube video you’d better watch – a millionaire video, or a video with several thousand views? The answer is obvious. However, you can quickly share interesting content only on social networks and instant messengers.

And now about the search engines and where do they come from. It is a well-known fact – the more the site is linked to in various social media, the more trust the search engines give us. And the more this trust is, the higher we are in search results. You can spend thousands of dollars, and you can’t earn this trust, but you can run one video (infographic, image, or something else) and get thousands of likes and get to the top in the search.

And in the end about the budget. Social networks are perhaps the only source of traffic that allows you to conduct experiments on small amounts (taking into account a huge sample). We are physically unable to run TV ads for cheap, just to try. I do not argue that because of the reach of the audience, the price for one buyer who came through TV advertising is lower. However, you can spend 500 hryvnias, calculate efficiency, adjust the content, and spend another 500 hryvnias only on social networks.

There is only one thing left – to identify the ideal client and influence him on social networks using all possible marketing tools.

How to identify the ideal target customer?

Due to the fact that social networks provide ample opportunities, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of audience and spending the company’s budget. After answering the following questions, you will see and understand your ideal customer.

  1. Does the client belong to one of the key segments of our target audience? Gender, a region of residence, age, education, and employment.
  2. What is the basic information that customers get online?
  3. What type of content is most preferable to them? (books, blogs, videos, etc.)
  4. What sources do clients trust?
  5. What social networks are most preferable for our ideal client?
  6. How does our ideal customer prefer to search and buy the goods he needs?
  7. What requests come from our client, what does he search?
  8. What drives a customer when buying?
  9. What needs to be done to make the customer ready to buy from us?
  10. What can change or measure their purchase decision?

After laying such a foundation, social media marketing is simply doomed to success. In this case, much less time and money will be spent, and the result will not be long in coming.