Elvira Gavrilova is a Ukrainian producer, public figure, and journalist. The Chief Editor and mind behind the all-Ukrainian business glossy «Financoff». Elvira Gavrilova’s journalist activities are closely tied to the name of this famous periodical, but she reaches her potential in other areas, too. Among others, she is a sought-after producer. Elvira Gavrilova’s projects work around the world; and during a decade of her work, the projects this business-lady has launched are all a success.

Elvira Gavrilova was born on March 26, 1989, in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, to the family where she was the only child. Her father was then running a small creamery, while her mother was an economist at the public-owned company. After finishing school, Elvira entered Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for the International Relationships and Journalism degree courses. After almost seven years at the university, this hard-working student earned her Master’s degree. Even back to the years at the Academy, Elvira was already employed and during her last year as a student she even started her own business — «Translation Agency» opened for the money she loaned from the bank.

After earning her degree, Elvira applied for a position at the international financial company and once completing a preparatory course, she passed her exams and got her first well-paid job. Her bosses appreciated her excellent sales results and pieces of training she carried out both for the customers and colleagues – just after a year, Elvira Gavrilova was offered a position of the Mykolaiv branch head. After another year, she was transferred to the main office of the company in Ukraine — to Kyiv, where she also occupied a managerial position. In the capital city, Elvira started intensive marketing activities for her company. First, around Ukraine, and then, when her ideas enjoyed the support of the company’s managers overseas, Elvira was sent for a training course in Marketing and Producing. The knowledge she gained there became a robust basis in her business activities – since then, Elvira has been initiating one successful project after another.

Her first noted project was a re-branding of the media which by that moment had been in the Ukrainian media market for 17 years — «Money Plus». First, Elvira turned the newspaper into a magazine, and then into the first ever all-Ukrainian business-glossy Financoff, which is still being published under Elvira Gavrilova’s management. Together with «Деньги Плюс» rebranding, Elvira made her dreams come true and fulfilled her artistic potential by developing a fashion design business. Today, the women’s fashion brand «Elvira Gavrilova» is bought in Ukraine, Europe, and Asia. Traveling around the world with her fashion collections, the designer has many times noticed – not without regret – that Ukrainian designers and our country as a whole is little known to the world. A wish to fix this sad situation drove the producer to launch one more, now widely-known, the all-Ukrainian project «Pride and beauty of Ukraine». It develops in four major directions, which, according to Elvira Gavrilova, Ukraine must be proud of: «Pride and beauty of Ukraine. Women», «Pride of Ukraine. Men», «Future of Ukraine. Children», «Foundation of Ukraine’s economy. Companies». Each of those four projects become the basis for the annual catalogue «Top-100 Best of the Best», which Elvira Gavrilova and her team present during their large-scale Gala nights. These galas, by the way, are organized by the producer herself, without employing any even- or PR-agencies.

After carrying out several gala-events, the finalists of the projects kept asking Elvira to help and support their ideas and new projects; they also invited her to conduct motivational training for the employees. This is how, step by step, Elvira added one more area of her activity: business-trainings, which then transformed into an independent project «Personal Brand» — a service, which implies the creation and promotion of the company’s or person’s personal brand. Today, this product is highly-demanded among Elvira Gavrilova’s customers.

Thanks to the project «Future of Ukraine. Children», Elvira Gavrilova met the top officials from Cambridge colleges. After they met, they invited the producer to Great Britain for negotiations. They resulted in signing the contract and establishing a new project — «Education Abroad». Thanks to this project, over a dozen of Ukrainian children now study at the British schools and colleges and over one hundred visited the UK to familiarize with the educational system of this country. During one of such trips, the kids’ parents asked Elvira to arrange a tour to other world’s countries for them, however this time, just to relax and have fun. These requests inspired Elvira Gavrilova for yet another project – for those who like tours off the beaten track. Together with the groups of Ukrainian tourists, she has already visited Bal des Fleurs in Monaco, Venetian and Cannes Film Festivals, and many other exciting events.

What is more, regular contact with the children was an inspiration for writing a book — the creative Elvira Gavrilova wrote a book on parenting. Elvira is married but they haven’t started the family yet. So one of the goals on her path of learning and improving parenting methods is to accumulate considerable theoretical experience which will be then applied in practice. Elvira is eager to share the results of her research with her readers. The practical part of the book partly comes from Elvira’s communication with the children within her charity activities.

By the way, charity is an integral part of her life. Elvira Gavrilova is a founder and CEO of the charity project «Помоги», the name of which speaks for itself. Her most recent project also relates to charity. This is the Charity calendar. In the photo ops, while producing this calendar, business people, political figures, athletes, and show-biz celebrities take part together with the talented children. Part of the money from selling the calendar will be donated for charity.

The producer has so many more ideas, while only a few of them are now introduced and implemented. Elvira Gavrilova has never stopped on what she achieved and keeps developing her new projects, trying to bring together the like-minded people. And what is most important is that she is ready to share her own secrets of success as well as the techniques which helped her to hit the goals.