Charity calendar

Joint charity project by Elvira Gavrilova and «Помоги» (Help) project

Elvira Gavrilova: Charity calendar is not about «just giving some money to charity». This is a chance to help children who are in need and to spend some quality time in a creative environment while trying on an image you have always dreamt about.

About the project: Charity Calendar is a glossy calendar where every month features impressively beautiful photographs of the project’s participants. The photos contribute to a single topic which differs every year. For instance, the 2019 Charity Calendar focuses on the national costumes of different epochs. The composition of every image includes a child, a woman, and a man. This is a good way to fully represent the beauty and diversity of the national costumes people were wearing in different historical periods. The Charity Calendar is presented at the annual high-profile ceremony at the New Year's Eve. The guests of the event buy the Charity Calendar thus donating their money because all proceeds go to charity to solve the dire problems of the specific children in need.

Charity calendar

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