Does a woman need her husband’s support to build a career?

Эльвира Гаврилова, блог: о женской карьере

Hello, my dear readers. I’d like to reflect on the topic of a married woman’s career and her husband’s role. And I’ll immediately answer the question asked in the headline: yes, I think that husband should be supportive, and even very much. But, my dear feminists, hold off on your indignation: a husband needs his wife’s support equally! And married men have it by default! This is such an ordinary thing that it makes no sense to talk about, unless, of course, we are going to slide into the level of hackneyed quotes: “A great woman is behind every great man” and so on. But with regard to the female career, things aren’t that simple. On the one hand, living in the 21st century, we can recognize: a woman has the right to fulfill herself in her career while being happy in her family. On the other hand … men are required just “not to interfere”. Like they are small children! If the husband does not insist on her staying at home, the woman seems to have nothing more to desire! Come on, build your career! But remember, you have a second, third… shift: your household responsibilities, parenting and developing a body image, which nobody has released you from. It is not fair! I think a man, who wants his wife to live a full life and realize all her talents, should make efforts. At least such as:

  • recognize that his spouse’s work is as important as his own;

Here, the men would like to exclaim: “But she earns less!” or “She sits all the day long unlike me!”. It doesn’t matter who earns more and what he or she is doing if you are a family. A job is a job – it always requires your efforts and time. And if you have a goal to develop a career or build a successful business, then it is equally difficult, whether you are a manager, a coach or a manicurist.

  • to do his part of household duties;

Derives from the previous one. Because if both of you recognize that the working spouses are equal in rights, there is no “I help her”. You don’t have to help – just do your half of duties, without being reminded, controlled etc. Well, or share with your wife the wages for the domestic workers – of course, without remarks like “what kind of woman you are”.

Elvira Gavrilova, blog: you don’t have to help a woman with the housework

  • … and parental responsibilities too;

If a family has a child (children), there is no question: both parents have the same rights and duties. Even though a woman with a baby is on maternity leave, the father cannot neglect his parent’s responsibilities. By the way, who’s said that only a woman should take a paternity leave? I am for the option 50 to 50.

  • for the advanced: inspire and support.

It is very important that your beloved partner respects you and your professional aspirations, but we also want him to admire you, keeps his fingers crossed for you and comforts you if necessary. You need to hear “I’m proud of you,” “you will make them,” and want him to listen to you carefully and gives some advice. Naturally, it takes two to tango, but what can we do without reciprocating displays of commitment in the family?

After all, when everything is mutual: love, respect, support, understanding, all members of the family get the maximum benefit and opportunities to live a happy life. It is the happiness of the beloved people makes us happy, isn’t it?

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