How did MICE surprise me in 2019?

Мировые тренды MICE-туризма 2019 года

Hello, dear readers of my blog. Let’s talk about business tourism today, said in another way – MICE. The year 2019 is full swing and it can already confidently identify the most powerful trends, that have “played” in the industry, and to compare them with that the experts promised us at the beginning of the year.

So, in January, all specialized publications predicted growth of the meeting industry in the world, and Ukraine should not have become an exception. Today we see that the prognosis came true. MICE continues to grow: Ukraine is catching up with this world trend slowly, but surely. This fact doesn’t surprise me – I looked ahead it, I hoped for it and, at last, I work for it. What surprises did the 2019 bring?

Unexpected trend №1: Technology Frustration

Online services that have brought down the tour operators lately, have shown today that they doesn’t satisfy needs of the MICE sector. Business tourists all over the world come to the conclusion that human intervention solves problems, it is a little more difficult than flight check-in and booking is necessary. In conditions of busy work trip, MICE-agents relieve from the unnecessary worries and they give travelers a feeling of support, confidence and the ability of concentrating on the main thing. All this is important for the event to be effective.

Unexpected trend №2: Bleisure

At the end of last year, it seemed that the combining business travel with leisure – tries of different companies to save on encouragements of employees. It is high time to confess that «business + leisure = bleisure» is a trend. What is more it is not only from poorness, but also as an answer to ever increasing pace of life. It does not give time for pure rest. Unfortunately, but this is reality. I have already forgotten when I had rest for nothing .

Unexpected trend №3: «Festivaling»

If a business meeting is not combined with rest, be sure to combine it with something else. Companies are looking for new possibilities for increasing the productivity of their employees while traveling. Now, each business trip should not only solve a specific business problem, but also inspire, encourage creativity, give new ideas. For this, in the framework of one event, it is combined communication, art, education, activities and etc – as says “festivalization” . The bright example of this trend is already became legendary confederations TED. I have just realized that this is our national prize “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”. Forthright  as confession achievements of remarkable people and the advertising company of Ukraine in the world, it has done these tasks by 100%, it has became a prestigious international coworking and also a grandiose entertainment event. Using an opportunity, I remind you: that on the 6th of July we are meeting in Odessa to see “Future of Ukraine” and make sure that it is beautiful.

Selection in Top 100 «Future of Ukraine. Children» — 2019 at the finish line! Hurry up to apply!

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