MICE Tourism

MICE or Business Tourism is the industry, born in the USA and UK and then becoming popular internationally. Amid both of the two “home countries” remaining the industry leaders, Germany and Austria are now emerging as their competitors, with China, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, and India coming close behind. Not Ukraine, though. Thus far, we have little to brag about. Still, Ukrainian MICE-tourism is very young and there is a long way for us to go.

And this is not a naive optimism – the customers have brought the high standards of service to our country, too. The overseas companies, who are used to high-quality services, didn’t give a chance to local business people to drag their feet. “Meet the standards or leave” – this is how I would put it for the motto of Business Travel in Ukraine.

Four pillars of MICE-tourism

So what does MICE stand for? Easy! We all like abbreviations. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions are the four pillars of MICE-tourism. So let’s have a closer look.

Meetings – it surely means business meetings with colleagues and partners. It’s difficult to overrate this component – MICE is sometimes referred to as “the meeting industry”.

Incentives. There are different ways to reward and encourage partners, clients, etc., however, in this case, the incentive tours are implied. Usually, these are leisure activity travels. This is where business tourism closely correlates with the traditional recreational one.

Conferences – they ask no further explanation. The “overseas” conferences also include business trips focused on training, team building, and internship. Such trips may be joined with the incentives – the company rewards the employees with the overseas journey which also contributes to team building. However, it is believed to be bad taste; building a strong team is a management’s interest, and it cannot be seen as a display of appreciation of the good performance. Same goes for training, but not as much.

Exhibitions – organizing the tours to the international industry trade shows for the purpose of attending or participating.

No matter the MICE event, they all require tremendous resources from the hosting party and organizers. The cost of mistake, incompetence, and sloppy work is much higher than in recreational tourism. A ruined holiday or a ruined business? Blowing up the shopping or derailing a deal? The difference is obvious. Even though the budget of the business tourism is considerably higher, too, in today’s Ukraine, demand outruns supply. There are never enough professionals, and there is no place for non-professional people in this area. And that’s for better, I believe.

Why do you need MICE?

MICE is a lifeblood of any business. Statistics prove it: during the 2015-2016 recession in Ukraine, traditional tourism has plummeted 50% (according to “Focus” magazine). Business tourism barely lost 20%. The reasons for that are quite obvious. People are having their holidays on their coaches to save some money, while business keeps networking with the partners and neighboring industries to survive.

Any MICE-event, especially when organized overseas, provides a major boost of loyalty of the company’s partners and employees. Besides, you gain some specific advantages, depending on the type of the trip. Such as:

  • Presentations for prospective customers and investors – those who have never heard of you before, will now know you;
  • Driving sales – your products are brought to the spotlight without additional advertising costs;
  • Incentives for employees, enhancing and upgrading team spirit; positive reviews on the Internet will attract new candidates;
  • Staff’s personal and professional growth, advanced training and expertise among your employees;
  • Extended networking – new ideas, products, technologies;
  • Finding new business partners and making profitable contracts.

I, Elvira Gavrilova, offer you the services on planning, development, organizing, and conducting overseas MICE-events, as well as hosting managers, employees, and partners in Ukraine. Please, contact me and I will offer you original concepts and their further implementation on a turn-key basis.