Online events: an attempt to hype or a working business tool?

Which format may quarantine events take?

Coronavirus greatly influenced the plans of all businesses, without exception. It is hard to say how long the economy will need to get everything back to the way it was. However, any crisis is a challenge and a way to become better.

Today, I want to once again talk to you about switching to the remote work, but in this case, in the sphere of the event industry.

For a month of quarantine, we’ve already got used to remote work. Things don’t stand still: teambuilding, online conferences with customers and partners, demonstrations of new products, etc. are being held. Many businesses, unfortunately, left the race and stopped their activities in anticipation of better times. However, the most daring and brave of them, showed their willingness to make crisis decisions and brought out a new format of events – online events.

What kind of format it is, how it can help your business, and what tasks can be solved with the help of online events – read in this article.

Example No. 1

Let’s imagine that quarantine found you at a very important and crucial stage of development – before the launch of a new service or product in the market. Any new product needs to be presented to as many potential customers, investors, and partners as possible. But how in isolation can you hold so many presentations? There are no unsolvable tasks, and in this case, a new and rapidly gaining popularity format of VR events comes to your aid.

What is a VR event, and how does it work:

  1. In the beginning, the online format is no different from the standard offline: a concept, a script is created, a location for broadcasting is selected;
  2. Based on your specifics, an existing virtual location is being selected or branded;
  3. Next, the avatars of the speakers and three-dimensional prototypes of the displayed goods or services are created;
  4. All participants of the VR event receive a link to the event with detailed instructions: it can be a creative invitation with augmented reality, additional visuals or audio effects;
  5. On the appointed day, couriers deliver VR glasses to the participants of the presentation, naturally observing all quarantine precautions, conduct briefings and tour the virtual space;
  6. The presentation takes place with the effect of full presence. Participants freely communicate with each other and are involved in the processes using gamification tools;
  7. The event is non-standard, the participants are amazed at your creativity, and the new product is gaining popularity (word of mouth will work).

The main advantages: WOW-effect, the status of a technological brand familiar with innovations, info line for the media.

Among the drawbacks is the price. Yes, it’s not cheap, but believe me, it’s worth it. This method is already widely used all over the world, and for Ukrainian users, it will become an amazing and long-memorable adventure.

Example No. 2

For example, a company needs to conduct a strategic session, a panel discussion, a training event for employees or a conference. Event rescheduling threatens with loss of time, and, accordingly, money.

In this case, the best option is to use a streaming service. Skype or Zoom is also suitable if you need to call a friend, colleague, cut tasks to a subordinate or contact your mom. But if you need something more than a simple video call, then use the following options: Facebook, YouTube, work out a separate function on your website, or use a special stimulating service.

To make your conference call something more than a standard video briefing, turn your imagination on, and follow the instructions from the VR event, only without augmented reality glasses.

Shooting can be carried out in a rented photo studio or organized directly on the speaker’s location, with its decoration according to the concept of the event. If you have the official format of the conference, it’s possible to set up a special podium for more official events and broadcasting.

Also, you can broadcast on the background of “green” (green cyclorama). It will allow you to create any background for the stream and immerse participants in the theme of the event.