Personal brand

Business never slows down its evolution. If some time ago, it was enough to be cheaper and better than others, now it is not. One of the tools to promote your business and services is a personal brand. It can become the basis and the fundamental tool which will enable you to sell many times more at a much better price than average market players. So what is a “personal brand” and how can one develop it? There are answers to the most important questions about this marketing trend below.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is when you are recommended by someone who is not your customer. This is an image people have in their heads when hearing your name. For example, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, etc. You already have a certain idea about who all these people are. The personal brand has two key features: reputation and outreach. How often are you spoken about and exactly what people say about you? Reputation really matters and is the foundation of your personal brand. Fame is not going to work well for you without established and considerable reputation. By the way, it’s not that every person should know about you. What counts more is that you are known to your target audience and colleagues, or in your local community.

Where do you need your personal brand?

Is your market competitive? Or is there a huge gap between the rates of popular and usual specialists? If it is and there is, then you must develop your personal brand. In the service industry, in art, politics, and business, we often rely on the person’s name, on his or her level of expertise. Malevich’s “Black Square” costs millions because it was Malevich who painted it. If you paint the very same square, it is very unlikely someone is going to buy it. Visiting a famous physician or a lawyer will cost you much more than visiting those not so popular. And what matters is that you are really ready to pay. Trust and expertise cost a lot. If you run a company, your image becomes an element of the company’s image. The correctly-shaped image will improve the competitiveness of your business projects. Think of Steve Jobs. It is only thanks to him that Apple became so strong.

How can you form your personal brand?

First of all, you have to think it over – what image of yours you would like other people to have or ask a professional who will help you with that. What is your name associated with? What are your fields of expertise? Most certainly, it is a good idea to shape your image on the basis of something you already do and are good at.

Why is it better to develop one’s personal rather than company’s brand?

Many people are too humble to develop their personal brands. They be like: “I don’t want to be public” or “I’d rather focus on the Company’s brand”. However, if you want your opinion to matter to other people, to sell your services at a good price, then get down to the development of your personal brand. Another advantage here is considerable savings. It is cheaper to develop your own brand than that of the company. In a perfect scenario, there is a real person and his or her story behind a company. In Western countries, the personal brand has long been one of the main tools of promotion.

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