Personal growth: How to set goals and achieve them

Every day we hear a lot of advice from business coaches and sharks of business on how to become successful. Some appeal to self-education (and of course they are right), some – to practical tasks (and they are right as well), etc. And today I want to tell you about the importance of a positive attitude. Everyone knows that people with a positive attitude are more likely to succeed in communication with others, are more successful in love, more healthy, cheerful, and, of course, successful in business.

How to keep a positive attitude for a long time?

All advertisers are well aware of the power of repetition. So, if you repeat the same phrase often enough, whatever it is, sooner or later, people will approve it. It is proved that children, who are constantly encouraged and inspired in confidence in success, learn better, have high self-esteem and level of knowledge. So why don’t we use the phenomenon of repetition for our own purposes? It is a pity that usually there is no one to cheer adults up, so we have to do it ourselves.

Before you start persuading yourself, you need to compile a list of plans and goals correctly. Then you create a positive affirmation like: “I can do it!”, “I manage it!”, “I am succeeding!”. Settings will only work if they are specific goals. They need to be repeated 5 times in the morning, afternoon, and evening until they take root in you and become a part of you.

“I am the most charming and attractive!”

Human is a social being and one should not forget that often, our environment affects our actions and decisions.

Vigorous and benevolent people raise our spirit, and embittered and ever complaining darken our existence. If you have a choice (and you always have), stay away from pessimists and whiners. Of course, I do not say to beware of friends and family members when they have difficulties, and they may need your help and support. I mean professional nerds and energy vampires. These include people who constantly complain about something, constantly discuss and criticize someone, either these are their bosses or subordinates, their own parents or children. Labor productivity falls because of such whiners, and the moral climate in the team deteriorates. Stay away from them. There are many energetic, cheerful people around, who are able to maintain your positive attitude and energize you!

Surround yourself with them and become one of them. The same goes for television. If you have not yet paid attention, take a closer look and find out which news prevails on television – positive or negative. And make a conclusion that one of my friends made by throwing away the telly: “The less you know, the better you sleep!”

What the “Success Diary” is, and why do we need it

German financier and personal growth coach Bodo Schäfer claims that if you keep a “Success Diary” every day, after 90 days your income is guaranteed to increase by at least 20 percent.

The principle of its action is simple: recording successes every day, we fix in the left hemisphere confidence in success in general, the brain perceives us as more and more successful people, which, accordingly, affects our further behavior, which, in turn, affects, what we have. And not only in the material sphere. After all, you can plan success in any field!

Opportunities for development and prosperity come into our lives quite often. We simply do not know how to recognize them beyond the eternal cycle of affairs and pass them by. Remember your unrealized opportunities and figure out what your life would be like if you were ready for real actions and start them then. Prepare your mind for each such situation, bring it into the state of readiness to act, and then you will see the paths open before you…

All great achievements start with small ones. No one has ever achieved anything great, sitting in a comfortable chair in complete inaction. “Yes” and “no” are the two most important words that we pronounce. They determine our life. Say “yes” to your dreams, “yes” to your desires, “yes” to a positive future, and “yes” to those goals that you set for yourself. Say “no” to closeness, passivity, and inaction. In the end, it is only your life. And it must be lived in such a way as to leave a legacy for our descendants behind!