The Rating “Foundation of Ukraine’s Economy. Companies” is one of four ratings of large-scale all-Ukrainian projects “TOP-100. Pride of Ukraine”, which brings the companies to light in a voluminous catalog. These companies are the leading enterprises and firms which form the basis of Ukraine’s economy, drive its movement forward despite the recession and political upheaval.

The producer Elvira Gavrilova decided to bring together in one “Register” the cream of the crop of the Ukrainian business back in 2017 and fulfilled this ambitious project successfully. The preparation process was serious and lasting because the applications were coming from entire Ukraine. The project’s Editing Board, comprising competent representatives of Ukrainian business-elite, imposed strict requirements for the nominees.

Each company, participating in the rating is not just the office premises, dozens of employees, and high income. The factors of success of the leaders in any industry are, first of all, the ideas, energy, an initiative of the companies’ owners and top-managers, as well as the team spirit in the staff. This is the type of the companies, created by true professionals, that form the rating “Foundation of Ukraine’s Economy. Companies”

From the companies with decades of experience, who have already deserved their flawless reputation in the market to the promising start-ups, from the corporations employing thousands of people to the small private businesses – they all have a chance to apply for TOP-100 of the best companies of Ukraine if they have an established reputation among their customers and pursue their continuous development.

Besides a notable place in the catalog, each nominee-company will be celebrated at the solemn award ceremony, hosted by the prestigious sites, where the high achievers of Ukrainian business get together. This festive event incorporates the elements of networking, which provides the rating’s nominees with the new business contacts and prospective partnership. The award ceremony is accompanied by the gala-show starring show-biz celebrities and has significant coverage in Ukrainian media.

The participation requirements for the project Foundation of Ukraine’s Economy.  Companies

The new ranking of the applicants for the rating “Foundation of Ukraine’s Economy. Companies” is at full swing. If your company has achievements to be proud of and shows significant potential for development, you absolutely must make it known to the whole country. Take your well-deserved place among the best – fill in the application form on the project website or fill in the form below. Once you register, a project manager will contact you to specify the details.

Under this project, there is going to be a photo shooting session for the owner or the head of the company. Professional stylists and photographers will take care of the impeccable image of the “company’s face” who will emerge on the pages of the catalog “Foundation of Ukraine’s Economy. Companies”