Review by model, actor and finalist of The Pride of Ukraine. Men – 2019 Contest Andrey Murashkin

Hello, my name is Andrey Murashkin, I am an actor, a model, and a journalist. I took part in the ceremony of awarding the participants of the Top 100 Pride and Beauty of Ukraine. And I am a participant the rating. I am very grateful to Elvira for the invitation and for acknowledging my success in this field.

Elvira is a mystery woman to me. She is very impulsive, emotional, but she always achieves her goals. In my opinion, the event was beautiful. Because it was quite eventful, ambitious. The event took place in the opera house, so the atmosphere was quite pompous. It was all very beautiful. Elvira is a great clever girl, and I want her to develop further in the direction she has chosen. I wish Elvira that her future projects take place at the same or higher level than the event in which I was awarded in the nomination The Top 100 Men.

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