Review: Ekaterina Kzhemanovskaya – host of the gala concert “The Future of Ukraine. Children “, singer, model


My name is Katerina Dzhimanovskaya and this year I was honored to be a part of Ukrainian rating TOP 100 Future of Ukraine.Childrens.First of all I would like to thanks a producer of rating Elvira Gavrilova and her wonderful team for allowing me to be a part of it and to host the event along with Ukrainian showman Dima Kolyadenko.

Elvira is a successful business woman who works in the field of PR and journalism. She is the person who creates and glorifies an image of Ukraine all around the world.
I am studying public refashions at Boston University and besides the theoretical knowledge I’m seeking for practical life examples. I can confidently say that Elvira is one of those examples of big dreams and hard work.

Besides business Elvira is engaging with charitable foundation think that it’s very important to stay positive and sensitive and responsive in our modern world.
I wish Elvira only prosperity, future big events and creative ideas which she will brings into life.

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