Review by director, screenwriter, composer, presenter, finalist of The Pride and Beauty of Ukraine. Women – 2019 Contest Catherine Makedonskaya

Hello! My name is Catherine Makedonskaya. Today I want to tell you about an amazing person to whom I am very warm. About a great girl who always achieves the desired. It’s about my friend Elvira Gavrilova.

Elvira is capable of everything, she never gives up, she brings to this world truth, tranquility, beauty, pride and glorifies our country to the whole world.

I am very glad that she is so gentle, sympathetic, and kind person. And I am very glad that she always remains a frank and open person in the world of business, celebrity, PR, showbusiness, event business, and journalism.

I am pleased to support her in all her endeavors, in her amazing projects, such as the TOP-100 “Pride and beauty of Ukraine. Women and men”, TOP-100 “The Future of Ukraine. Children”, Ukrainian TOP-100 Companies, and many others. And I want to thank her for giving me the opportunity to implement my creative ideas with her support and inspiring me every day.

Dear Elvira, I am always with you. I appreciate you for who you are. We are ready to discover new heights of business with you.

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