Top 100. Children

top 100 children

top 100 children

The phrase “Children are our future” is as old as the hills, however, it does not make it any less relevant. Generations change one after another. And every new generation takes the best from its predecessors, revealing the new bright talents and unique abilities. For another 10-15 years, the young generation of Ukrainians will have to solve challenging problems while developing our country and enhancing its image overseas. But even today, these young people make both their parents and the entire society proud of them.

Bringing the outstanding representatives of the Generation Z to the spotlight for the country to learn about them – this is the mission, pursued by the producer of the rating “Future of Ukraine. Children”, the Chief Editor of the business-glossy “Financoff”, Elvira Gavrilova.

This rating is a part of large-scale all-Ukrainian project “Pride of Ukraine”, which comprises four ratings. Yet again, the Ukrainian and international audience will see the children and teenagers under 18 on the pages of the bright glossy catalog of Top-100. These prodigies have achieved tremendous success at their young age – some grown-ups sometimes realize they need more than the life to achieve the same level.

It is not the first time when the participants – young actors, musicians, artists, athletes, science lovers – show their talents, and it was rewarded by the diplomas and monetary awards. Taking part in the rating “Future of Ukraine. Children.” has brought them together, thus establishing the true “golden pool” for the development of our country. The selection process of the participants was carried out by the Editing Board, comprising famous Ukrainians and opinion leaders.

The final event of the rating is a high-profile award ceremony and gala-show which always feature the stars, including famous hosts, actors, and other media people. The celebrities hand the nominees their well-deserved awards. This large-scale event is covered by many popular Ukrainian mass-media.

The participation requirements for the project Future of Ukraine. Children

If your child reveals extraordinary talents in any area, do not limit it to the attention and appraisal of the teachers, coaches, friends, and family. Use a unique chance to make a claim about your daughter or son at the national and international level. As a participant of the rating “Future of Ukraine. Children”, the prodigy will not only become widely known. The sponsors and partners of the project provide different prizes and special presents for the finalists, many of which are associated with a chance to develop the child’s talents and enhance his or her knowledge by means of studying abroad.

The producers have lifted the preparation process of the catalog which presents the rating participants to a very high level. The image of each participant will be worked on by leading stylists and photographers. And this will bring about amazing photos accompanied by a success story of the early talent.

Is your child gifted and you’d like the entire country to learn about it? Apply for “Top-100 Future of Ukraine. Children.” on the website or fill in the form below on this page. Once your contacts are processed, a project manager will contact you to discuss further details.