“Virtuoso Marketing” by Klaus Cobjoll

I always said that self-education is everything! Business owners and marketers should not stagnate, because competitors are not asleep! We have a lot of sources of information, like seminars, interviews, and business training, personal experience, the experience of colleagues, and, of course, books. One of the most entertaining and incredibly useful books on marketing that I have ever read is the work “Virtuoso Marketing” by Klaus Kobjoll.

Klaus Kobjoll is one of the most prominent and charismatic personalities in the business of Germany. His bold ideas for HR and marketing have changed the approach to business in many companies in Western Europe. This book by Cobjoll is dedicated to marketing planning. According to the author, it is one of the foundations of entrepreneurial success. Like other books by Cobjoll, “Virtuoso Marketing” is written with humor, in a fun, and easy to understand form and contains practical recommendations, many of which can be called marketing know-how.

“Virtuoso marketing” really deserves attention. A fascinating presentation of the material by the author, based on many years of practical experience, and a description of the true working marketing tools, allows you to read the book in one go. The company’s moves (practically finished cases), undertaken by its management at different stages of development, are described in detail.

But the book has its drawbacks, to say frankly – just one. The book “Virtuoso Marketing” describes the reality of Western marketing. Naturally, something can be applied in Ukrainian realities, and if we take into account the fact that Ukraine is slightly behind Western marketing, then, given the year the book was written (2004), in our modern conditions the information will be quite relevant.

Along with the availability of presentation and the detailed description of specific marketing activities, the book “Virtuoso Marketing” sets out the company’s strategy in detail, including in a crisis year.

The book tells about the activities of a small hotel in one of the picturesque German towns. The work is of interest not only for hoteliers and marketers of the HORECA sphere, since practically applicable marketing in one area can easily work in another, of course, not always with due ingenuity.

I must tell you from personal experience that I’ve read “Virtuoso Marketing” more than once with a notebook in my hands, writing down interesting moments and ideas for myself. Besides, if you buy a book, and do not take it in the library, reading without marginal notes is like a lecture without taking notes. I have been building my own library for a long time and probably there won’t be a single book in it (except for those that I haven’t read yet) without notes in pencil on the margins.

I am a bit conservative concerning reading, as I love printed literature. But among my friends, there are many lovers of e-books. By the way, “Virtuoso Marketing” can be easily found in the public domain, the main thing is desire! Read, develop, and I wish you success!