What does the buyer expect from the seller?

Many manufacturers, bringing a product to the market, are sure that sales mainly depend on the offered price of a product or service. That is, they consider the price to be the main criterion of attractiveness for the buyer, which is lower than competitors have. But far from all entrepreneurs understand that the price very often has nothing to do with the attractiveness of the product, and does not affect the consumer’s decision to purchase it. And what affects it then, you may ask? Today I will tell you about what the buyer expects from the seller, and how to make your product more attractive to the client.

1. Need for information

Before purchasing a product or service, each buyer wants to receive full information about the product: to find out its features, what makes it stand out from competitors, and the benefits, they receive purchasing this product. So, for example, choosing plumbing goods in a specialized store, I turned to a sales assistant, expecting the employee of the company to be able to explain to me the differences and advantages of this model of jacuzzi from the one exhibited next. But it turned out that the company representative did not know the assortment himself and could not satisfy my request for information.

Therefore, explaining that he has been working on this type of products recently, the seller picked up an advertising booklet (by the way, lying next to the sample) and started reading it out loud. Sometimes, however, he tried to retell something in his own words. As a buyer in this situation, I have one feeling – to leave this store.

I said goodbye to an unskilled employee politely (I can read very well myself) and left the store. A buyer, who does not have special knowledge cannot make a choice on his own. A seller, who does not have knowledge of the products sold causes distrust of the whole company.

2. Ability to hear the client and ask questions

I agree that very often the buyer cannot clearly explain which qualities of the product are most preferable for him. But the main quality of the seller is the ability to meet the buyer’s needs. Having learned from the verbal flow to highlight the main thing and ask questions correctly, directing the client’s speech in the right direction, the seller will look professionally and save both his and the buyer’s time.

3. True product information

I think that you have met such a type of entrepreneurs who do not care what happens after the buyer’s money reaches him. To bring this minute closer, such a “specialist” is ready to endow his product or service with all unimaginable qualities (in words, of course). He believes that after the customer pays, the sales process is over.

Such an entrepreneur’s shortsightedness inevitably leads to bankruptcy. The image of the company is not created in 1 day, and first, it consists of reviews of satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

4. If the buyer does not want to buy

Worst of all, when the client has already decided that this product does not suit him, or that he has no intention to make a purchase right now, and the seller is trying his best to sell at least something to this particular client.

And again, it indicates the shortsightedness of such an entrepreneur. I will give an example from personal experience. Walking past a home textile store, I decided to take a look at new curtains in advance. I had no intention of buying the goods on that day but simply decided to “drop-in”, look at the assortment, and ask the price for a future purchase. After listening to the seller, I said thanks and was about to leave. But the seller behaved inappropriately, trying to persuade me to buy. Just anything. And he looked so miserable that I felt awkward from such communication.

Do you like to feel guilty? Buyers, the same. Feeling guilty that the seller spent his time on him, and the buyer did not acquire anything, is not the best feeling that accompanies the purchase.

5. Keeping promises

If the seller promised to call the customer to clarify any details or find out the buyer’s decision, he must keep his promise.

For this item, I also have a wonderful example. Turning to the company selling home exercise machines, I did not receive an answer to all my questions immediately, since they were of a technical nature in many respects. But just an hour later, the seller called me back, connected with the right specialist, who was already familiar with my questions, and, therefore, quickly and clearly answered them. Of course, I ordered an exercise machine from them, and now, I advise all my friends to contact this company.

I’ve been in business for 10 years, and I understand how seller-buyer communication should take place. The sales department is one of the most important links between the founder and the buyer, therefore, it is very important that company representatives are professionals in their field, and are interested in developing the business. Of course, if the entrepreneur himself does not care about the image of the company, then he also hires personnel through the sleeves. There is no need to convince and “force” the buyer to purchase, it will only cause distrust and conviction, that you are trying to sell low-quality products.