Will customer training help in increasing sales

Friends, we all know that increasing sales is the key to the growth and success of any company. Recently I’ve been asked an interesting question: “Will customer training help in increasing the company’s sales?” I will say for sure – yes, and yes again! The main task of a marketer in this direction is to think and organize everything correctly. And how to do it properly, read in today’s article.

Yes, colleagues, you heard it right, customers can and should be trained. One of the obligatory needs of customers that a company must satisfy is the consumer’s need for information. There is a wide variety of customer training options: from on-line and off-line orientation booklets to full-fledged seminars with product presentations.

What are the benefits of customer training?

Do not mistakenly believe that by educating customers on how to buy your product you benefit only for yourself. This is useful to both parties.

Firstly, your client receives information that interests him. Secondly, he gets it for free.

The benefits to the company are also obvious. A customer who has received the information he needs, firstly, can recommend you to others, increasing the base of your potential customers. Secondly, you will get more confidence when choosing among competitors, you will be a priority. You gain experience in a new channel for winning customers.

To demonstrate the learning process clearly, I will give a couple of examples.

  1. The company sells information on state orders

What to teach:

– what documents are needed when participating in the tender;

– legislation in the field of state orders;

– what to consider when preparing;

– how to choose the right service provider (in this case, you need to be sure that your company is the best).

  1. The company sells furniture

What to learn:

– design;

– a combination of color and material;

– furniture care.

I think now everything fell into place. The marketer, armed with the main weapon, namely his brain, must come up with what is most useful to the client in the activities of his company.

The most obvious examples of successful use of customer training in the company culture are, firstly, a network of cosmetics and make-up. Well-known brands conduct make-up courses, teach how to choose the right cosmetics for different age groups, appearance types, etc. After such client training, not only sales volumes increase, but also the number of sales consultants of these same companies.

Why do all online sites dealing with currency trading post training videos on the basics of technical analysis? Well, because the client, having completed the training, will remain with this broker and will not go to others.

How much should customer training cost?

For the client it should be free, you will pay back your costs from the sale.

For you – just a penny, really a penny, or just the time of your experts.

Actually, that’s all. Customer training increases the company’s sales – it is a long-proven fact. You only need to apply everything competently and on time.